How law of attraction works?

The law means the policy, rule or mechanism to achieve some desired output. The attraction means the strong desire towards another. But these technological terms fail when there is a concept of belief or faith.

The law of attraction says that there are you as an entity and the other is the source. The entity has to wish something with full faith in abundance that it will be given. As a Reiki Healing in Navi Mumbai, the entity has to keep feelings that everything that it believes it will be owned by him. This abundance is nothing but a universe. Whatever we wish we have to feel it and believe that it will be given to us soon.


As an Alpha Healing in Navi Mumbai, but the desire should be very clear and genuine. This transparent desire will be fulfilled for that particular entity provided that the aim should not be harming someone.

“Life is so simple” is obtained by this law of attraction which is already there; but we all are unaware of it. You believe or not, but it is there. The proof is not required, only this is a game of wait and watch.

Feel it, will give you the output. There are many incidents in our life that will make us lonely and we feel alone. We don’t want to talk to anyone or there is no one to whom we can share our real feelings. But we forget that whatever we think it is heard by the universe. Here the law of attraction works.

It is the combination of desire, feel, believe and see the result. There are no excuses of any of it.


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