How mental illness is associated with our emotions?

Mental illness is related to our feelings. They are having types as empowering and discouraging. Empowering feelings mean we are mentally happy, satisfied as everyone should be. As a Reiki Healing Classes in Navi Mumbai, but sometimes situations occur in our life that makes us bad for other thing/person including ourself. So there is need to modify those weak feelings. This state is called as mentally imbalanced or illness which is necessary to heal.


The medical science has no solution for such kind of illness. If this mental illness is to be cured then there is a strong need to focus on our emotions. Again, there is a query about mind and emotions. Emotions are related to heart.  When we suffer mental illness actually our emotions are weak and we are unaware of why such kind of sickness we are facing. As a Reiki Classes in Navi Mumbai, both mind and emotions are in unidentified source of location, but longer lasting is SOUL. If it is focused all secondary problems are easily solved. The awareness of who we are and why we are, necessary to understand.

If our self is connected, no one ever dares to talk to us then how we feel bad? There is an essential need of understanding that who we are, who send us for what purpose. Identify it, automatically our self will be confident and if so our mental illness, nervousness, frustration, resentment automatically resolved.


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