Universe and its expansions?

The universe is nothing but abundance and number of abundance comes along with each other again, it is abundance that is universal. The meaning is that the universe is the immeasurable, having capacity to give everything but its expansion is not in our hands, but what is our task is to surrender to the universe i.e. Understand the concept of universal mechanism.


As a Reiki Healing in Navi Mumbai, summarizing that, our self is the part of the universe or the universe exists in our self. Rather the universe is expanding through us. If we grow, i.e. Understand the self the universe grows or expands automatically. The universe exists everywhere, including each and every atom.  The moral is; every atom knows the existence of itself, which increases the size of the universe.

The law of attraction is actually applied to our self that if we desire something we will get it. Expansion only is “Be yourself” not to bother any other thing. Feel the universe is located on you, know yourself, and clear the motive of existence.”All is well”, ”Love yourself” are key rules of being a part of the universe, as this part increases the universe expands gradually.


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